Drunk Guy Gets Creampuffed By Car In The Middle Of The Street

YouTube – I was filming my drunk friends, and caught this with my iphone. My friend is alive and well now, but at the time this was crazy.

See, it’s funny cause he survived. Somehow. But that’s what happens when you play grab-ass with your buddies while drinking. Think you’re on top of the world and immune to life then someone has to be that guy who ruins it for everyone and gets crushed by a car. If anything the person to feel bad here for is the driver who almost got a surprise vehicular manslaughter charge. If he went out for a beer and is buzzing with a .09 then it’s 4+ years in the nearest Federal P.M.I.T.A. Prison.

“You got that on video?”

“Ha, yeah. I got that on video.”

Ha, yeah. Hilarious pal. Abraham Zapruder here must be as hammered as his buddy whose head got boomsauced by the Chevy. Or he’s just a dick. Probably both.