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Tiger Just Threw Down The Gauntlet To Anybody Who Has Ever Said They Wanna Play Against The Old Tiger


Ohhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyy. He’s officially back. That’s his announcement. Tiger is FEELIN himself after his win at East Lake and rightfully so. That was porn. I’m ready to run through a brick wall coated in steel after watching that. Everybody better watch the fuck out. I’m not even talking about Team Euro. Team Euro is an afterthought at this point. Tiger and the boys are gonna run through them like a heated knife through butter. They might as well not even play the Ryder Cup with Tiger leading the way.

The people who should be really scared is the new generation of Spieths, JTs, Rickies and Rorys. They should be shaking in their golf shoes. We talked about it on Fore Play yesterday about how all the young guns have always said they wanna face the old Tiger. No they don’t! They really don’t. I get that they grew up watching Tiger’s greatness in front of the TV in their pajamas but they don’t wanna see it up close. Those young guys are going to rue the day they said those things. But they got their wish regardless. Tiger is back and he’s ready to fuck people up. Look at his face when he talks about how people jokingly said they wanna face the old Tiger. He was pissed. All these years he’s been keeping a mental journal of who made fun of him when he was down and out. He’s about to Arya Stark the entire PGA Tour. It’s like my guy Riggs says, this is just the beginning.


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