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Wild Moment On The Bachelor Vietnam Where Two Of The Girls Fall In Love And Leave The Show Together

Listen, you can be woke on this if you want to. You can say the whole thing was scripted and those two girls don’t really love each other and the show did it to go viral. Not me. I choose to believe. I choose to believe everything that happened above. I believe in love. What’s life without completely throwing yourself into something that’s absurd? That’s living folks. So yeah, I believe those two lovely ladies. Reality show love is love is love is love is love.

By the way, who knew there was a Vietnam version of The Bachelor? I sure didn’t.That’s the craziest part to me. I know The Bachelor is very very popular here in the States so I should’ve assumed there would be spinoffs but Vietnam didn’t come to mind as a place where the franchise would thrive. Clearly it is. They’re breaking barriers.

Look at this knock off Chris Harrison

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.32.21 AM


I’m pissed that the Vietnam version of The Bachelor beat the American version to the gay storyline. Back when the Coming Up Roses podcast was still a thing me, Kelly and Chief used to talk about how ABC needed to bring in a gay element to the show. This was a couple years ago so it would’ve been super forward thinking. Well they didn’t do it and ended up getting lapped by the Vietnam Bachelor. ABC has no one to blame but themselves. Just look how viral that clip is going. It’s EVERYWHERE. Every other video on The Bachelor Vietnam YouTube page has like 5,500 views. The clip above has 654,000 views and counting. It could’ve been you, ABC. It could’ve been you.