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Kawhi Leonard's Laugh Is Going To Haunt My Dreams Tonight

I think we just found out why Kawhi Leonard has never shown an ounce of emotion during his entire career. It has nothing to do with him being a robot created to play basketball with giant mitts and cornrows from a decade ago. Kawhi just has a crazy laugh that he didn’t want the world to know about and any hint of a smile could have led him on the track to getting the giggles and exposing his dirty little secret to the world. Kawhi laughs the same way Lindsay Lohan dances. Have you ever seen this video?

It took us 7 whole years of Kawhi constantly being on a huge stage to find out his laugh could be The Joker’s laugh in whatever reboot they are working on next. I imagine Pop did all he could to hide that Kawhi was an ugly laugher from the world as it would just create a distraction. But now that Kawhi forced his way out of the Spurs incubator for Toronto, he is apparently on his own and his laugh that sounds like what I imagine a horse’s laugh would sound like is out there for the world to hear and try to forget.

UPDATE: I have rewatched Kawhi’s laugh like 100 times because I cannot look away and I have come to the conclusion that this is all Uncle Dennis trying to make Kawhi appear more human so he is more marketable and this laugh from hell was how Kawhi imagined humans with feelings laugh.