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81-Year-Old Boss Rolls A Perfect Game In Bowling

Exeter – 81 year old Ray Niedzwiecki bowls his first 300.

Impressive. IF I ever make it to 81 I’ll be lucky enough to stand for seconds at a time without shitting myself. Still may be the same case here, but at least this old bastard has nerves of steel and is throwing more rocks than Donny Kerabastos in his prime.

Something may be fishy as Modern Lanes Exeter’s Facebook Page insinuates this is the 5th perfect game bowled there since March 2nd. FIFTH! Those pins being greased? Some shady shit right there. Somebody with below average IQ and hygiene standards should interact with those in the greater Pittston-Wilkes-Barre area and get to the bottom of this. After meeting a few people from Pittston I’ve discovered they really don’t like anyone other than their own up in those parts. And by that I of course mean incest.

But you gotta hand it to the old man here. Even the celebration was all class. Basically pulled a Barry Sanders after scoring a TD and simply handed the ball off to the ref. Would’ve been perfectly acceptable to go Pete Weber Jr. on everyone’s asses.