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Blackhawks Goalie Pays Homage To Avicii With New Mask Design

So Dave Gunnarsson has become one of my favorite follows on Instagram. He also goes by @daveart and he designs goalie mask for a ton of goalies in the NHL. Their isn’t a ton of creativity in the NHL, so any time you see a good design, I mean a really good, thought out design on a mask, it’s great to see.

The latest was Blackhawks goalie Anton Forsberg with his tribute mask to late great Avicii. Now, I have reached out to our great Chicago Blackhawks blogger, Chief, who said this guy won’t even make the big squad this year. And I’m here to say that he should. This mask is just too good to keep in the always hungry league. Get this guy some action this year and you’re basically giving the Blackhawks dynasty a second life.

I’m a huge Avicii fan too, always have, always will. So I couldn’t of been happier to see this. Avicii died far too soon and its honestly heartbreaking, so seeing a tribute like this really is great.

When asked about the mask, Forsberg told

“First of all, it was tragic, the whole story,” Forsberg said Wednesday. “I watched the documentary [True Stories], and it was tragic how he opened up on everything and still didn’t get the help he needed. I’ve always listened to his music and have been a big fan of it. For me, there was no hesitation putting him on the mask.”

The True Stories documentary really is a great watch. It is also tragic to see. Avicii was basically crying for help and no one would give it to him, the people closest to him just keep pushing and pushing him. But that is a story for another day.

Like I have said about a bazillion times before, I love seeing more and more creativity in the NHL. So hopefully the goalies keep bringing the heat.