I Know The NBA Is Accepting Gambling On Games, But Now We Have Two Players Gambling Against Each Other During A Game

I love this. DeMar DeRozan and Serge Ibaka out here hanging out as Serge apparently is cooking. I can’t stop laughing at Serge going with the apron as DeRozan just chills next to him. We know the NBA is progressive when it comes to gambling. They are have an official book sponsor, they are the first league to really embrace gambling in America. It’s wonderful.

But, now we have these two guys gambling against each other. Don’t worry though it’s for a good cause as money will be donated to charity. We have DeRozan and Serge gambling on blocked shots vs pump fakes. I love it. It’s so old school and so random.

It starts with DeRozan saying he’s going to go for 50 against the Raptors. We know the Raptors are subject to giving up 81 points in a game before, so I hope DeRozan goes and drops 50. He’s going to treat that game differently and there’s no doubt he’ll try to drop as many as possible. But, Serge saying he knows all his tricks led to them making the bet. Every time Serge bites on a DeRozan pump fake, he owes $100. Every time Serge blocks DeRozan, he has owes $100. It’s the perfect bet – especially as someone who enjoys gambling random events with friends. We may have to set a line on this one.

Also, how about Serge calling out DeRozan for not paying? Gilbert Arenas didn’t get suspended for this.