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I Wonder If New Head Coach Jim Calhoun Would Take Emeka Okafor Or Ryan Gomes At St. Joseph

So this has been expected for the last 13 months and it’s official now. Jim Calhoun is back on the sidelines and more importantly back doing press conferences again. Sure, it might be Division III St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut. But, you have to ask. Does he win a title first or does UConn become back first? Going to need Calhoun to play an exhibition game against UConn to find out I guess.

I love that Calhoun is coaching again. He’s a top-5 coach ever in the sport. I mean look at what he did in Storrs, Connecticut. It’s flat out absurd that he was able to make UConn this unbelievable program for so long. The dude is a lifer when it comes to coaching. You could hear it when he’d call games on ESPN. He’d sit there mumbling about what he saw and you can just hear the coaching coming through. I loved listening to him, even if you couldn’t understand him half the time. The dude is a legend.

So what the hell is the University of St. Joseph? It used to be an all-girls college until a review in 2016. They started admitting guys this year, which obviously will be the inaugural season for them.  They will be a D-III school located in Connecticut, where Calhoun clearly knows his way around. The only question I have left is, who will be his Emeka Okafor and Caron Butler there?