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Fitz Magic Has Made Its Way To The NHL

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a star. An absolute star. The guy has hockey guys, who are usually some of the cockiest dudes out there (as they should be), pretending to be him. Has a pro hockey player ever pretended to be anyone but themselves? What a life.

Alex Killorn of the Tampa Bay Lightning was the latest to catch the Fitz Magic. After Ryan Fitzpatrick had himself a day on Sunday, after throwing for 402 yards and 4 touchdowns, the Lightning forward met with the press dressed as Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was dressed as DeSean Jackson.

Killorn is good for about 15 goals per season. Last season he had 15, 16-17 he had 19, 15-16 he had 15. This season? I think it’s inevitable Killorn gets at least 20 tucks.

You bring that Ryan Fitzpatrick Sunday swagger into a hockey locker room there is 0 question you  aren’t putting up at least 20. You could be a career AHL player, walk into the locker room with the Fitz Magic and there is about a 99% chance you are putting up 20.

My question for you Bucs/Football fans out there…….there is no way you can bench this guy, right? He’ll have Alex Killorn putting up 30 next season.