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Disgruntled Employee Lights 120+ Cars On Fire Injuring 18 FDNY & 3 Civilians

Exploding tires & vehicles, searing heat, and extremely thick, black, toxic smoke inside the confined, maze-like space of a parking garage… another day in the life of FDNY firefighters. Via CBS NY:

The blaze broke out at around 9 a.m., destroying multiple cars at the King’s Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin (Brooklyn). Police say a man was seen leaving the garage right before the fire, adding an accelerant was likely used judging by how quickly the flames spread.

This fire ended up being 7 alarms with 250+ first responders on scene and some units are still there checking on the integrity of the structure now that the flames are out. Unfortunately the FDNY suffered 18 injuries along with 3 civilians, but thankfully none of them are life-threatening.

If you’re mad enough to quit your job & want to go out with style hire a celebrity to do it for you through the Cameo App or smear poop in the coffee room in a viral video or whatever… but don’t make people put their lives on the line & take them away from other important jobs because you’re an unhappy moron. Rumors say the guy who set the fire washed cars for a dealer who had over 100 cars on the site and apparently he’s still on the loose. Hate to admit it but I’m interested to know what led him to this.