Some Drunk Asshole Drove His Car Through A Crowd Of People At SXSW

AUSTIN – A man and woman on a moped were killed early Thursday when a suspected drunken driver fleeing police crashed through barricades at the South By Southwest festival in Austin and slammed into a crowd of festival goers, police said. Police say a man and woman have been killed after a drunken driver fleeing from arrest crashed through barricades set up for the South By Southwest festival and struck the pair and others on a crowded street. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the motorist also plowed into people gathered in front of an emptying nightclub around 12:30 a.m., injuring 23 people, five critically. He eventually crashed and tried to make a getaway on foot. A police officer shocked him with a stun gun and took him into custody, Acevedo said at a news conference. The driver, whose name was not released, faces two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

What kind of maniac actually does this? We’ve all had the thought to do some Grade-A GTA stuff every once in awhile. God help anyone within a mile radius if I’m drinking from the bottle and finally act on the urge to look up how to make Molitov Cocktails. Bill Burr said it best, a slight turn of the wheel separates functioning psychos like us from the actual psychos. But only the true psychopaths are ever going to act on it, especially to this extent. Norman Bates has nothing on this asshole.

RIP to the two who died and wish for a speedy recovery for all the other victims. Hope this guy fries. No doubt he should since he was stupid enough to do this in Texas. State has killed more for doing less.