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Watching Teddy Atlas And Stephen A. Smith Lose Their Minds Following The Canelo/GGG Fight Was The Perfect Way To End The Night

After an awesome fight and an interesting turn of events with the split decision for Canelo, watching these two crazy fucks scream at/with each other was awesome. We’ve covered many of ESPN’s flaws quite extensively on this blog. But one of the hits they do have is Teddy Atlas losing his marbles and Stephen A. Smith kicking said marbles around whenever a boxing match ends with a controversial ruling. Should GGG have won? Should it have been a draw? I don’t know. I’m not a boxing expert, I just play one on Twitter whenever a big fight is on. Large is a big boxing fan and did a great breakdown of the actual fight, in which he said he wasn’t shocked Alvarez won. Regardless, I’m happy tonight ended with a little bit of chaos because Stephen A. and Teddy A. cutting promos straight out of the WWE is exactly the comic relief that is needed after everyone lost their mind following yet ANOTHER crazy decision in a sport filled with them.

We’ve seen these two do this over the last year following Canelo/GGG 1 and Mayweather/McGregor

I don’t love Stephen A’s schtick all the time, but you are lying to yourself and your god if you don’t think he has his moments.

The fact that SAS honestly believes that he would have won the OJ Simpson case despite not being a lawyer or that he has never lost an argument because he either wins or learns something new is flat out hilarious, no matter what you think about First Take.

And I would buy a pay-per-view to watch Teddy Atlas have a shit fit anytime he felt someone was wronged. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boxer losing a fight because of a crooked judge, an NFL team losing a game because of the catch rule/helmet rule/tackle the QB too hard rule, or just some poor shmuck that got screwed because he was down on his luck. I could watch Teddy Atlas rant about anything and laugh. I mean watch this clip from tonight.

You gotta love that passion because not only is it laugh out loud funny, but you know how much Teddy loves the sport of boxing because he always acts like it’s the first time he found out that boxing is corrupt as fuck. Boxing is in Teddy’s blood. Shit, boxing IS Teddy’s blood, his heart, his brain, and every other vital organ in his body. The sport of boxing may kill Teddy Atlas live on our TVs, but taking it away from him would kill him even quicker on some JoePa shit.

While I hope there isn’t another controversial decision in a big fight over the next year because I want to see boxing get better, I know there will inevitably be one because boxing is rotten to its very core. But on the bright side, after all the “typical boxing” tweets and people swearing they will never buy another PPV boxing match ever again, I will be looking forward to watching Teddy and Stephen A act like fucking maniacs because of how 3 people in Las Vegas ruled a fight between 2 people wearing shorts.

P.S. Shout out to Baby Clem for getting sick and being wide awake from 11 pm to 2 am, which ensured my washed up ass didn’t fall asleep before, during or after the fight and allowed me to write this blog wayyyy past my bedtime. Now I have a full tank of gas and it’s so late that even the Schefters and Ian Rapaports of the world are firing off their early bird injury tweets for #NFLTwitter. Anytime I’m up this early on a Sunday, it means something went very wrong on Saturday.

Anyway, if you have Aaron Rodgers in fantasy, throw him in your lineup because it looks like he is going to suit up and play in a few hours. #BlogDontSleep #NeitherDoParents #FML