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Crushing Things In A Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger May Be The Ultimate Lifelong Dream

Originally I wanted to be a baseball player. Then it was a Comedian. Somehow along the way the lifelong dream became not having to worry about the heat being turned off at any given time. Well not anymore. All efforts and focus are solely towards winning this contest to smash things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzegger. Need to feel the pump in the tank and run over our enemies one by one. We’re coming for your ass, Keith Olberman.

Good to see Arnold finally putting his mind to crushing something other than pussy. Wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if this gets made into his next movie. Still would be 10000x better than the late term abortion that was Junior.

Obligatory Bill Burr stand up that goes along with any Arnold blog. 4 decades, nothing but net: