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Steve Smith Went At Michael Irvin's Neck Again Last Night

ICE UP SON!!! Come at 89, you best not miss, with community colleges taking a ricochet shot to the temple there as well.

I think Steve Smith vs. Michael Irvin is my favorite rivalry in the NFL. Manning vs. Brady is has been over for years. The Steelers vs. the Patriots is a rivalry like a nail vs. a hammer is a rivalry. Saints vs. Falcons has its moments since the fans are crazy and petty. But everything just feels weird since all the games are indoors and happen a day after the biggest games in those respective states happened. But Michael Irvin disrespecting Steve Smith before Irvin remembering that 89 may be small but doesn’t play those games and will bodybag you without hesitation (literally or figuratively) is hilarious every time out and is like watching a real life human version of Tom and Jerry.

Irvin clearly has learned his lesson by standing up as he literally talked down to Smith and tossed shade at 89’s direction. It’s like watching Shaq and Charles Barkley argue about rings on Inside The NBA if either of those guys were a crazy undersized maniac that built himself into an All-Pro that may beat your ass, regardless of if you were an opponent or a teammate.

Videos like this are why I support star players going to play with other stars. Steve Smith made a career of putting up crazy numbers despite catching passes from guys like Jake fucking Delhomme and Joe Flacco (post Elite years). Yet players like Irvin get to discount all that because of the rings he won on a #superteam with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, a ridiculous offensive line and star-studded defense in Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, Irvin was awesome. But I think the Cowboys would have found a way to win a ring if they plugged Steve Smith onto those teams back in the day, even if they would have lost Irvin for a few games due to Steve Smith beating that ass due to some disrespectful remark he made to 89 after Irvin spent his entire off day at the White House in Dallas.

And since this whole conversation started based on trustworthy wide receivers, I think we have to consider just how LOL funny it is that Michael Irvin is the one talking about trust. Because while I’m sure Aikman trusted Irvin on the field every Sunday when he needed to drop back in the pocket, I’m sure Aikman lost sleep at night being worried that Irvin would get caught doing something off the field from Monday-Saturday that would prevent him from suiting up on Sunday.