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Little Kid Gives It His All Making His Case For Eating Cupcakes For Dinner

“Hey, Linda, listen honey.”

Quit being a bitch, Linda, you heard the man. You can trust him, he does this all the time. Doesn’t matter that’s all he hears his father say while cracking open his 14th beer after long day on the mower.

You can see it. Kid’s gonna make one hell of a lawyer one day. The pimp Atticus Finch. Win a trial then go straight to the bar and talk any lady he wants into submission. Little dude is lucky Mama was degrading her child for publicity on YouTube otherwise the little shit would’ve been slapped backed to Guatemala the second that first Linda came out. Either that or the spanking of the century. A Latina mother giving “Pow Pows” on the butt are deadly enough they should have been covered somewhere in the Geneva Convention.