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These Basketball Training Gimmicks Are Going A Little Too Far

In today’s world, amateur sports are so damn competitive, and parents are looking for any slight advantage they can give their kid, they hire “trainers” and “coaches” to help their child get to the next level. The internet is filled with gimmicks and scam artists who make a shit ton of money exploiting these families. Now I’m not saying that’s what this basketball Qube is, but after watching that quick video I’m a little confused. I understand the premise, the idea is they want to help you have proper hand placement on the ball to help your form and release. However, I have a few problems with this.

First, the fuck is going on with the palms? How can I take you seriously as a shooting coach and this tool seriously if you are telling me my full palm has to be touching the ball? It’s literally the first thing you learn when shooting, that there should be a small gap in the middle of your shooting hand. Look at how those people are holding that Qube, with it completely flat on their palm, and then when they are given a ball, nothing changes. I also have a problem with what the non shooting hand is doing. This has you placing it on the side at almost a 90 degree angle. This is close, but any good shooter will tell you that the thumb of your shooting hand should actually touch the base of your non shooting hand, forming basically a T. As you can see in this video, there is space with almost every shooter. How am I to take a shooting coach seriously that uses this thing if right off the bat they aren’t giving you the right guidance on how to ya know, hold the goddamn basketball.

As I said this is certainly not the first basketball training gimmick we’ve seen. And in a market where every parent is looking for an edge, it’s no surprise these tend to make a lot of money. I just want to know what’s the problem with just relying on hours in the gym and a good understanding of B.E.E.F? That costs you $0 dollars and is just as effective as all of these gimmicks.

Also, I’m no Darren Rovell, but something tells me this isn’t going to be great for business

So if you’re a parent and you saw this video and thought maybe this would be the thing that gets your kid a D1 scholarship, save your money and just show them this video a billion times instead. You’re welcome.