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Max "Cliff" Kellerman Now Claims He Was the Only One Right About Tom Brady. Or Something.

“Everyone else owes Tom Brady an apology. I’m the only one who doesn’t. Tom Brady, congratulations. Everyone else assumed he would do this, so no big deal. I’m the only one who sat down and looked at the history of football and saw that no MVP player continued at this age. … He is now, at this moment, one single game past the cliff. He has defied the prediction by one game. Every single time he does that, he resets the record. Are people aware of this? It’s never been done before.” – Max Kellerman

To review: Just over two years and one month ago, Kellerman had this to say:


“Nobody will remember that I said this now.” – Max Kellerman

And earlier this year, after taking copious amounts of shit from Patriots fans, given the fact that Brady’s “cliff” has consisted of two AFC championships, one Super Bowl comeback for the ages, a semi-miraculous comeback from a gashed throwing hand in the AFCCG, a Super Bowl MVP, a league MVP and just shy of 1,000 passing yards in those two Super Bowls, he had this to say:

“Patriots fans who have been tweeting at me a lot. … Really, for an organization that is the smartest in football, they have some of the dumbest fans in sports. These are the kinds of tweets I get. Dumb. Duuuhhh, like dumb! Like, duuuhhh.” –  Max Kellerman

And now he’s coming after everybody because … what? We were wrong and he was right? Because he said Brady is on the verge of sucking two record-setting seasons ago, he’s taking a victory lap and making himself the hero of his own story. Because by being as wrong as you can possibly be, he was actually right. And by me being right that Brady would keep playing at a high level, I was ipso facto dead wrong. Because wrong is right. Right is wrong. Lies are truth. And if a liar says he’s lying he is telling the truth and …

So by Cliff’s logic, I owe Brady an apology for not doubting him. For having faith in his ability and supporting him all along. Got it. And while I’m apologizing, I’ll offer Cliff one on behalf of every Patriots fan in the world and remind you that he has said he does NOT like to hear from us. So do NOT @ him @MaxKellerman. He does not want that. Thank you in advance. And my apologies once again to Brady for not not doubting him or his increasingly irrelevant network.

P.S. I cannot stress this enough. Do NOT contact Cliff Kellerman at @MaxKellerman. It would be wrong.