Quick Reactions To The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale BETA Mode

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If you pre-order Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, you have the ability to download the BETA version of its brand spanking new Battle Royale mode from now until its full release date in October. We did such a thing, and good times were had by some. Look, it’s a BETA and there’s kinks (loading is slow and the damn thing cut out on me 30 min in), but it’s a fun, new experience brought into the COD universe. There are aspects I would like to see changed like having to go through items in bags at a very tedious, and vulnerable rate. But the map and overall gameplay will work. The vehicles, boats, and aircraft (didn’t see shit) were seemingly a nice change of pace. Also, there was no shortage of weapons/loot that are found scattered about the land like the Free-For-All versions of COD past. Not too sure if kill/scorestreaks exist in this mode, but there were supply drops often.

In all, we’ve talked about this at length. With the immaculate success of Fortnite, Battle Royale modes are going to be coming in every game imaginable. It’s just the way it is and is going to be for awhile now. This particular Battle Royale mode is similar to Pubg, but with the nostalgic factor of COD, which is huge to certain people. As an Call Of Duty aficionado myself, I can totally see this game take time away from Fortnite for the people who grew up with the old school COD. It’s an updated, fun mode of an experienced game that we’ve been familiarized with for over a decade. It’s as simple as that. Just gotta watch out for those zombies who like to come out and bite. No es bueno.

Like Marty McFly warning Doc, just watch out for that re-entry. It can get a little bumpy.