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Can You Guys Keep A Secret? I'm Not Exactly Thrilled That Ben Simmons Is Getting A TV Show With LeBron James


Deadline - NBC has given a script commitment plus penalty to Brotherly Love, a single-camera comedy from 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons, NBA superstar LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment as well as former Fresh Off the Boat co-executive producer Kourtney Kang.

Written by Kang’s brother, Patrick Kang, and Michael Levin, Brotherly Love is inspired by the life of Ben Simmons and centers on a unique sibling relationship within a multi-ethnic family. Together, they pursue their dreams while navigating life in the spotlight in Philadelphia, a passionate city where sports is in your blood, and your blood is always boiling.

Kourtney Kang executive produces alongside LeBron James and Maverick Carter via their SpringHill Entertainment. Patrick Kang and Michael Levin serve as co-executive producers, while Ben Simmons and his brother Sean Tribe will be consulting producers. Warner Bros. TV, where SpringHill has a deal, is the studio.

Again, don’t tell anybody about this. I don’t need word getting out. But if we’re being completely honest and truthful with each other, this scares the shit out of me. I mean I’m happy for Ben. Is Donovan Mitchell getting a tv show? No he is not. Is Jayson Tatum getting a tv show? No he is not. Ben Simmons is the next biggest star in the NBA and he hasn’t even found his shot yet. Just wait.

But Ben Simmons spent a whooooole lotta time out in LA this summer. Personally, I wasn’t too worried about the whole Kendall Jenner thing. He’s young. He’s having fun. I knew that shit wasn’t going to last. There wasn’t a single part of me that thought there was ever a chance that Kendall Jenner could end up plaguing Ben Simmons’ mind and get him to leave Philly to go to LA. We’re still years away from that even being an option in the first place and I knew she’d be out of the picture well before then. But now that he’s getting a tv show with LeBron producing it? Well now my anus is slightly puckered up.

Ben Simmons being best friends with LeBron is like Anakin being best friends with Palpatine. It starts off casual enough. It’s just an older guy offering some friendly advice to a young up and comer. It then grows into a mentor/mentee type of scenario but nobody really starts to question it in the beginning because these dynamics are quite common. But before you know it, Anakin is standing in a room filled with a bunch of kids he just slaughtered after being ordered to do so by Palpatine. I’m just a little worried that Sixers fans and The Process are the younglings and after a few more years of sinking his hands into Ben’s brain, LeBron is going to have Ben slaughter us all in a figurative sense by picking up and moving to LA.

I just don’t love the idea of this show because it seems like a lose-lose situation to me. If the show sucks and gets cancelled? Well then that’s all we’ll ever hear about from all those fucks in Boston who have been screaming nothing but “shoot a 3 you coward” for the past few months. But if the show is good and they milk a few seasons out of it? Well that’s just more time for LeBron to plague Ben’s mind. That’s just more time for him to convince Ben that moving to LA is what’s best for him both as a basketball decision and a business decision. We know that Ben already loves the lifestyle out there. So a few years of working together on this show may be all it takes for LeBron to fully brainwash the kid. I guess if I had to choose between LeBron taking Ben away to LA or dealing with a bunch of annoying ass Celtics fans, I take the Boston fans every day of the week. So I guess I’m rooting for the show to suck. But still. I just wish this was something we didn’t have to worry about. LEAVE BEN ALONE!!!