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Ding Dong Ditch: Florida Man Edition

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A cleary hammered 48 year-old Kevin Flaherty rings your doorbell late at night with an assault rifle in his hand & a bullet proof vest on. WYD?

If you said, “Invite him in for Totino Rolls?” you might live in the swamps around Okeechobee, but this happened in Boca Raton and it sounds terrifying.

From ABC News:

Lea D’Errico and her two children, Daniel, 17, and Sara, 12, were in the house at the time and knew about Flaherty’s approach because of a “ring” doorbell that alerts homeowners when motion is detected and captures that motion on video, police said.

D’Errico and her two children hid in the bathroom, police said. Her husband, Thomas, was away on a business trip in San Diego, but was also alerted by the doorbell…”

Lea D’errico was on the phone with 911 in the bathroom when her phone went dead, police said.

Thomas D’Errico told ABC News that it took police 25 minutes to respond after the family called 911. When police did arrive, they told the D’Errico’s family that there was no threat or crime committed, and that there was nothing that they could do.

Though the D’Errico’s have no previous issues with Flaherty, he apparently has a history of threatening to harm his own family. What do you do after something like this? I feel like I’d never be able to let my guard down & wouldn’t want my kids to leave the house. Live look at my new fence: