"Roll Tide" And "War Eagle" Will Now Replace "10-4" For Local Alabama Police On GameDay

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When they say SEC football “just means more” this is exactly what they are getting at:

It’s no secret that the state of Alabama is enthusiastic – to say the least – with college football.

With that in mind, the Pleasant Grove Police Department is making a change to its established “10 Codes.” The codes are a universal language for many police departments, and perhaps the best-known is “10-4,” which simply means “yes, I understand your message.”

Starting Saturday, Pleasant Grove officers will dispense with the regular use of “10-4″, and instead substitute it with “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” to acknowledge routine radio traffic.

10-4? Out. Roll Tide & War Eagle? IN.

This could cause some problems within the Pleasent Grove PD. When an Alabama-Auburn breaks out, guns should not be within reach, for everyone’s safety.

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The term “Roll Tide” has been used with cops in various situations throughout the years:

As always, it just means more: