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INCYMI Antonio Gates Returned To The Chargers This Week And Who’s Cutting Onions?

A little late night action for my west coast folks! The Chargers brought him back on Sunday, and his return to the locker room on Monday was emotional for everyone, especially me.

Gates is the greatest TE in NFL history. His 114 TD receptions are the most by any at the position, and trails only Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chris Carter, and Marvin Harrison for most TD’s all time regardless of position. Harrison and Peyton Manning are the only duo with more TD’s between them (112) than Gates and Rivers (87).

antonio_gatesHe’s going into his 16th season, so obviously his numbers have regressed a little. With the emergence of Hunter Henry last year, he had 52 receptions for 316 yards and 3 TDs, but I expect him to have an uptick in this numbers. Virgil Green is primarily a blocking TE, never eclipsing 22 receptions or 1 TD in his career.


I’m just happy to see him finally back in blue. I understand the business decision not to sign him, but it still hurts from a fan standpoint. It would have been devastating to see him on any other team, which is a feeling I’m all too familiar with considering the Broncos signed away basically every Charger with anything in the tank for the last 10 years. One-year for $2.5 million is fair enough in my opinion, as this should be his ride off into the sunset.

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