Rate This Nick Foles Anthem As We Get Ready For The Season Opener

The Philadelphia Men’s Professional Football Team will play in a meaningful football game tonight for the first time since winning Super Bowl LII. If you remember, Nick Foles was the unlikely hero during that Super Bowl run and ended up being named the Super Bowl MVP. Not sure if you guys remember that or not but figured I’d just jog your memory.

So now the city of Philadelphia has this really weird relationship/infatuation with Nick Foles. We know that he’s not the face of the franchise. We know that he’s not the quarterback of the future. We know that this is Carson’s team and the moment the doctors say his knee is healthy enough to get into game action, I’m assuming that 99.5% of all Eagles fans will want him in there instead of Foles. But Nick Foles was still the guy to do it. He was the quarterback who won brought the Super Bowl to Philadelphia for the first time in organization history. And he did it with so many ridiculous, iconic moments like the flea flicker against Minnesota and then obviously the Philly Special. So yeah it’s just a really weird relationship where you love this guy with your whole heart but would also have no problem in being the person telling him that he’s cut if that’s what it took for Carson Wentz to play again.

With that being said, Big Dick Nick is still QB1 for at least tonight and probably at least another week or so. So with that in mind, it’s time to rate this Nick Foles anthem by Boy Pierce. I’ll admit that in the beginning when I first saw this dude just sitting on the ground cross-legged like he was waiting for story time, I wanted to hate the song. He lost me from the start and it was an immediate uphill battle from there. But once that chorus kicked in? I was sold. Will probably play this song at my wedding. In BDN We Trust.