Shocking: Man Builds Electric Fence Inches From Kid's Bus Stop

He may not be the most imposing character but paired with the M9 in his pocket, raggedy camo hat, cowboy boots & white rimmed Oakley’s I wouldn’t mess with Bryan Tucker of Henrico County, VA. He’s sick & tired of these daggon kids trespassing onto his property while they wait for their bus to school.

Despite warnings, signs & cameras he’s continued to see children crossing the line & leaving garbage like candy wrappers & cigarette butts on his turf, so he took matters into his own hands.

Using a portable, solar powered generator he lined his entire yard with fencing that went right up to the street leaving children with mere inches to stand between grass & the road. This story wouldn’t have been complete without a spectator in a MAGA hat wondering if Tucker had insurance to protect himself in case a kid got shocked badly enough. In the end, it turns out that won’t matter since the fence went over his properly line & into the county’s right-of-way so he had to take it down.

When asked if he’d put it back up again he said it was unlikely since his message was heard loud & clear across social media. I looked at various Facebook posts about it & thought everyone would be mad at the guy but it seems most are on his side. As someone without kids or a yard, I can say without giving it much thought that I don’t hate this either. Now get off my damn blog before I call the cops.