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Wake Up With Manny Ramirez Almost Hitting A Ball Out Of The SkyDome In Toronto

This ball was absolutely blasted, I mean just pissed on. Home runs to the fifth deck in Toronto may be some of my favorites along with Splashdown Homers in San Fran and Pittsburgh. Something about those balls hit 480 ft away just bounding around on Joe Carter’s retired number up there. But I digress.

I have seen the Jose Canseco one they were talking about, but had never seen this moonshot from Manny. Love how he hit it and knew right away, gave it one look and started the trot. The announcer also said it landed 8 rows up, I think it was muchhhhhhh higher than that, maybe 8 rows from the top? But no, that ball legit almost bounces out of the stadium and into one of those hotel rooms up there. Wonder how far that would have cleared the Green Monster if this ball was hit in Boston. Regardless, Manny could hit them anywhere with the best of them, what a swing. Can we also talk about how Manny was rounding second by the time the ball was coming down to the bullpen, good god.