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George W. Bush Sneaking A Piece Of Candy To Michelle Obama Will Make You Smile

Or it’ll make you angry. I don’t really know how it’ll make you feel but it made me smile. George W. Bush sneaking candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain’s funeral was some needed levity on an otherwise sad day. If I know Dubya like I think I do, he loves being the candy plug. He takes great pride in being the candy plug. I bet he was super excited when Michelle asked him if he had any candy on him.Probably had been waiting for somebody to ask him all day. Laura has the stash in her purse and passes it off to George whenever he needs it. He looked like a kid passing a note in class. I wonder what kind of candy it was. I bet it was a Werther’s Original. Dubya is 72 years old now and old people always have Werther’s Originals spilling outta their pockets. Had to be a Werther’s Original.

Pals. #USA

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