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A Dude's Arm Got Chopped Off During A Motorcycle Race And They Still Can't Find The Arm

NJ- A man’s right forearm was severed after he crashed his motorcycle and was thrown over 300 feet early Thursday morning in a drag racing incident in Toms River and his limb has still not been found, police said. Ronald Vanarsdale, 36, of Toms River, survived the crash after Toms River Police Sgt. Ed Mooney applied a tourniquet where the arm was lost just below his right bicep and was able stop the bleeding, a release from the department said. Vanarsdale was flown to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune where emergency surgery was performed. He was in the intensive care unit in stable condition Thursday night, police said. The crash occurred at 12:46 a.m. on Route 37 near the J. Stanley Tunney Bridge which connects Toms River with Pelican Island in the Barnegat Bay. Witnesses told police that “multiple” motorcycles were drag racing when Vanarsdale crashed. His motorcycle was found over 760 feet from where the crash occurred. Vanarsdale’s severed limb was not found as of Thursday night, but the New Jersey State Police’s Marine Division was told about the incident.

Probably not supposed to laugh at this but boy did I laugh. I laughed a lot. They can’t find the arm! Where is it?!? It’s gotta be there somewhere out there. Has to be. It was connected to his body when he started the motorcycle race. They simply cannot locate it. It’s like a lost golf ball except it’s a dude’s arm. It’s wild that it just disappeared after the crash. Not a situation you think you’re ever gonna find yourself in but that’s life.

If I lost my arm during a motorcycle race I wouldn’t give up until I found it. I wouldn’t even care if you could re-attach the arm or not (probably not). I’d be out there for days if that’s what it took. You don’t just leave your right arm behind. Think about how much you’ve been through with that arm. Literally everything up until the point where it was severed from your body. My right arm knows me better than anybody ever could. Better than my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, anybody. My right arm was there when I jerked off the first time. He was very important to the process in fact. He’s been there through all the ups and downs. What I’m saying is this guy who got his arm chopped off needs to stay out there until they track down his pal. No man or limb left behind.

PS- The running joke in Hot Tub Time Machine where they’re waiting for the guy to lose his arm is one of my favorite things ever. Rob Corddry is PUMPED when it finally happens.