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Enjoy The 2007 Appalachian State / Michigan Ending and Get Ready To Enjoy The 1st True College Football Weekend

app stThere are many great weekends that take place within a calendar year. There’s Thanksgiving Weekend. Masters Weekend. March Madness Weekend. And of course, the 1st true weekend of College Football. The sun is always shining. The SEC fans birds are always chirping. The beer is always flowing. And everyone is still undefeated. But it is important not to get overconfident with that unblemished record. Never get cocky. You haven’t won anything yet. Take a page out of my book: stay humble and stay hungry. Because the second you get too full of yourself and your preseason ranking, you go from being the winningest program in the history of the sport to the laughing stock of the entire country. Fat pigs always get slaughtered. No, I’m not talking about Michigan girls. I would never say that and I don’t want you to think I would. I’m talking about the Michigan football team. Here’s a little tasty treat to get you guys pumped for tomorrow:

What a glorious day this was. I can’t help but smile when watching this highlight – not because it’s so embarrassing for Michigan, I could not care less about that – but for the triumph of the little guy. I will always have a special place in my heart for those that succeed even though the deck is stacked against them. The David matching up against Goliath. Low income workers trying to climb out of poverty. Small business owners just trying to stay afloat. The kid with transition sunglasses versus the bully. This was a true reminder as to why games are not played on paper. And thankfully instead of being played on paper, this game was played on opening weekend. And now this highlight gets played and replayed and replayed again each and every year. But as much as this I love to watch this video, it also makes me sad. It is a reminder of how far the mighty have fallen. If this happened today, would it even be considered an upset? I’m glad Michigan gets to start off the year with 2 rivalry games to keep the fans involved. The Notre Dame game will remind us of the early 1900s, and the Western Michigan game will be a dogfight to see who the best team in the state is. Okay, enough making the Wolverines look bad, for now. They do a good enough job of that on the field.

Those who stay will be champions!!! (Well, except for the last 10 graduating classes)