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New Mexico State Has To Wear Their Home Jerseys At Minnesota Tonight Because Their Away Jerseys Haven't Arrived Yet


New Mexico State started their season off in disgusting fashion on Saturday night. IMG_9187

When you take a look at the stats, it gets worse:


1.9 yards per play….-9 rushing yards.

To make it worse, New Mexico State has to turn around and play at Minnesota tonight. No time for recovery or to get back into the film room and fix that brutal defense. There also, apparently, wasn’t time to get their away jersey’s:

Imagine that phone call, “yeah, PJ? Sooooooo, our away jersey’s aren’t ready for the game on Thursday, so you’re going to have to play in something other than your home uni’s.”

Just a tough look for New Mexico State. The program without a conference to play in will hopefully get their away jerseys soon.

Who is the jersey provider? Of course, it’s Under Armor:


Here’s a take: a team wearing Under Armor will never win the college football playoff. If I’m Auburn or Notre Dame, I’d try to get out of that contract ASAP.