The Blake Griffin-Jeff Ross Roast Battle Was Actually Pretty Great

Roast Battle on Comedy Central is a show I didn’t watch in its first season. But this season, I started tuning in because they’ve had some amazing comics on the show and you can watch the episodes on YouTube. Last night, they had the season finale which pitted Blake Griffin against the roast legend Jeff Ross. And it was actually great. I cued it up to the start of the roast for ya!

First, Blake Griffin is fucking hysterical. Jeselnik says it too but it’s infuriating how talented he is. He has NO business being good at comedy, and yet here we are. He’s like Pat Mcafee–it’s not “athlete funny,” it’s just funny.

Blake has done standup a few times. Here’s a clip from a mic he did at the Laugh Factory:

Great. There’s also a clip of him from JFL in Montreal but I refuse to link it because someone in the front row secretly shot it with their phone and that’s horse shit.

As for the roast, it’s no secret that these guys get help writing their roast jokes. But he still has to get up there, remember it all, and nail his delivery, which he mostly did. His best joke of the roast was: “Jeff, you’re such a bald piece of shit, it honestly looks like we both got fucked over by the Clippers.” Problem is, he should have closed with that. Instead, he closed with that interminably long act-out about the last time Jeff had sex, which grew awkward and only sortaaaaaa landed. He was probably winning for much of the roast until that.

Meanwhile, Jeff Ross knew to save his best stuff for his closer. All the Jenner jokes were great. It’s fun to see him study Blake Griffin and improv a few of those “you look like…” jokes, even if they weren’t as strong as his written stuff. Just makes it obvious that he can roast on the fly better than anyone.

Pete Davidson was right in saying that Blake Griffin did as well as he could. It was close, but Ross won I think.

PS- I’m in love with Nikki Glaser and I don’t care who knows it. She came on Barstool Breakfast once. Sparks flew, emotions ran high… she actually talked to me, man!