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Wake Up With Jose Fernandez Hitting His First Career Home Run

What a talent Jose Fernandez was. I’m not talking about any of his off the field stuff, this blog is strictly on the field talent. We all remember his rookie year when he blew away MLB, on the mound he was 12-6 an ERA of 2.19 with 187 strikeouts in 172.2 IP. Stud. In his last game of his rookie year he also managed to blast his first career home run.

Fernandez laced this ball to left and decided to watch it for a little, I don’t have any problem with that. He’s a pitcher and it’s his first career home run. We all know how he was on the field, emotions on his sleeves the entire game. No difference with this at-bat, again he stared at it and took his sweet time before he began to head to first. Obviously Brian McCann who IS bigger than baseball didn’t like it, he was taking a peek at Jose while he watched the ball fly, and third baseman Chris Johnson also was unhappy with Fernandez.

You go back and watch the replay of Fernandez going over third base and you can see he spits on it, that is what pissed Johnson off, that I totally understand. McCann just being a wet blanket and not liking ANYONE to ever look at a ball they hit, that is par for the course. Again, I agree with Johnson being upset with Fernandez spitting on the base, probably something he shouldn’t have done. He was a kid, and sure did act like it, but man was he fun to watch on the field.