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More Than 130 Guns Have Been Stolen From a Police Station in Paraguay After Officials Realized They Were Replaced With Wooden and Toy Replicas


Officials in Paraguay are investigating the apparent theft of dozens of weapons, after a cache of automatic rifles that were kept at a police station were found to have disappeared – replaced by replicas made of plastic and wood.

“It is a very serious criminal act,” said Paraguay’s Minister of the Interior Juan Ernesto Villamayor, of the missing guns.

On Monday morning, Villamayor said that in addition to 44 rifles that have been reported lost, 90 small arms are missing. He also said that it can’t be seen as normal for a police officer to lose their guns. There is some confusion over the final number of weapons involved: Many news outlets in Paraguay report 42 rifles have disappeared.

The long guns are FAL rifles, a firearm that was once a workhorse of NATO forces, that had been declared obsolete and placed into storage in the city of Capiata. They were in the custody of the national police’s Department of Arms and Ammunition.

The now-former head of that department, José Segovia, has said that when he assumed the post in January, he did not closely inspect the current inventory. Segovia was replaced shortly after news of the gun switcheroo emerged late last week, according to Paraguay’s ABC Color.

During an inspection, a gun technician found that dozens of rifles had been replaced with what looked to be airsoft replicas of the FAL, Ultima Hora says.

It sure looks like the people of Paraguay are in great hands these days. One of their local police stations was robbed over 130 guns, including 44 rifles, and were replaced with toy replicas and wooden guns.

An inspection of the armory was conducted after some of their older rifles were appearing on the black market, fetching upwards of $10,000 per gun. Not great. When officials inspected the police station they found all of the toy guns. José Segovia took over the head of the department in January and gave no care in the world to check the guns in his station when he came in. Also not great!

I imagine this police station was run similar to Dunder Miflin and José was their Michael Scott. He was recently fired for what has happened and a full investigation has been launched. How on Earth do 130 guns go missing and no one realizes the ones in the armory were fake or wooden? Could you imagine an emergency happened and they had to go into the armory to get some extra rifles, only to realize at the scene of the crime that they in fact are fake? Yeah dude, you’re holding a fucking wooden gun while the other guy has a machete. Good stuff.

It’s basically like Will Ferrell in The Other Guys after Michael Keaton lost trust in him with a real gun.

They’re calling this the most embarrassing scandal to ever happen to the Paraguay police force.

Stay hot Paraguay. Stay hot.