Preschool Teacher Threatens to Cut Fingers Off 4-Year-Olds, Is Now A Former Preschool Teacher

A former New Jersey preschool director has admitted to threatening 4-year-olds under her care that she would cut their fingers off with a knife and throw them in the trash if they didn’t behave. Akinnaso “put a steak knife into their hands and told them she would cut their fingers off and throw them in the trash if they kept misbehaving,” reported

People are always asking me, Tate as an experienced 4th year teacher with high test scores and even higher relationship building skills, what advice would you give to a rookie entering the profession? My answer is always the same: do not, under any circumstances, pull out a knife and threaten to cut off your kids fingers. There are many different strategies for dealing with unruly children. You can take away recess. You can give detentions. You can make them wash the inappropriate drawings off the desks. Or if you want to really scare them, you can write a students name down on the chalk board. But it is never acceptable to pull out a knife and threaten the children. It’s classless!

To me, a successful teacher is like a good referee: no one ever notices you. Too good? You’ll be asked to share your lesson plans and speak at assemblies. Too bad? You’ll have the principal on your tail 24/7. Do something stupid? You’re front page news. And that’s what we have on our fingers here. Another stupid teacher putting our entire profession under the microscope because she doesn’t like kids. Newsflash: if you don’t like kids, don’t become a teacher.  We as an occupation should join forces and discuss ways to avoid this. We could call it the Teachers Union. Because if we keep staying in the spotlight like this, someone is going to realize that we only work 9 months out of the year but the tax payers are compensating us for 12! All I’m trying to do is put in my 35 years and collect my pension, but the Miss Trunchbulls of the world like this lady are making it very difficult to do that.


Not sure the punishment fits the crime here either. Probation for pulling out a knife in a preschool classroom? And Urban Meyer is serving 3 games for having a forgetful memory? Disgusting.