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This Therapy Dog Pulled A Girl Out Of A Coma Because Dogs Are Magical

Does this look like the face of a good girl who pulled a teenage girl out of a coma?

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SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINAL- For five long weeks, a coma sent teen crash victim Farrah Fox into a mysterious dark world her family and friends could not reach.

“She didn’t open her eyes at all when she was in the coma,” said Marla-Jo Fox, Farrah’s mom. “She wasn’t responding to anyone.”

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In the end, it was a therapy dog named Fergie that seemed to do the trick.

The 7-year-old Labradoodle spent hours snuggled up to Fox in her hospital bed on Aug. 17, the same day she finally came out of her coma, said Mary Cullinan, Fergie’s owner and a family friend.

We don’t know if it was Fergie or just time,” Cullinan said from her Boca Raton home. “But Fergie was with her for eight hours that day. Farrah responds to Fergie more than she responds to people right now. She just has this connection with her.”

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Doctors will tell you it was just a happy coincidence, that Fergie the Labradoodle just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. That the young lady, Farrah Fox, suffered a severe brain injury and even though she’s awake, “if she makes a 100 percent recovery it would be a miracle.” Doctors will tell you all sorts of things and will warn you about all sorts of possibilities, it’s their job to.

Meanwhile, dogs will just be there, in all their glory.

“She laid in the bed with Farrah for eight hours,” said Cullinan, Fergie’s owner. “She licked her and licked her. We put her on Farrah’s left side. At one point, she moved her hand toward Fergie’s snout. That afternoon the doctor said she had come out of her coma.”

They don’t know anything about science or limitations, dogs only know how to give unconditional love. And while I’m not some crazy hippie who doesn’t believe in science or medicine, I do think dogs provide a special something humans are incapable of producing.

For example, you ever have a really bad day, but then you go home, your dog approaches you with their tail wagging uncontrollably, and everything is all of sudden a little better?  Nothing has fundamentally changed. You’re not out of debt. Your girlfriend hasn’t stopped nagging you. Your pee hasn’t stopped burning. Everything is as it was, except it’s a little bit better. Your dog is there, loving you, and even though you can’t explain it, it’s just better.

That’s what this good girl Fergie did and will continue to do for Fox.

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As for the humans in her life, they’ve set up a Go Fund Me to help pay for the many, many medical bills to come. Because we can’t all provide magic puppy care, but we can all help.