Well At Least This Youth League Ref Understands The NFL's New Helmet Rule

Obviously the NFL’s new helmet rule has been causing a ton of confusion and frustration in the football world. As if there weren’t enough flags thrown already in the NFL, seemingly every single hit now has the potential to be penalized. Even the best players in the world can’t seem to figure this one out and we’ve seen/heard many of them come out against the new rule. But this youth league ref in Florida? Well he’s just here to demonstrate to the next generation on how to deliver the perfect, clean hit in the open field.

Lower the shoulder, don’t lead with your head, lay the boom. It’s that simple. And as you see from the example above, the resulting hit is just as powerful but way less dangerous for all parties involved. You get to firmly park somebody’s ass in the dirt while at the same time making sure that everybody’s brain stays intact. That right there is how we save football. If this ref just so happens to also make a little coin on the under in this game in the process of teaching everybody how to hit, then that’s just an added bonus. QB1 should’ve known better anyway. You come into stripe’s zone, you’re getting laid the fuck out. Those are just the rules. Maybe if he would have spent some more time in the film room, he’d see this coming.