Man...Do I Still Love Kevin Garnett

I know this video of Kevin Garnett completely destroying his 2000 Team USA teammates isn’t new, but I saw it come across my timeline this morning and it immediately sent me down one of my favorite internet past times of watching a billion Kevin Garnett YouTube videos.  It also made me think of how much I miss Garnett, and how big of an impact he had on my life without ever knowing who the fuck I was. Things are so slow at the moment in the NBA calendar, you damn right I’m down for some throwback highlights, especially when they have this cast of characters. This video just shows you what a monster Garnett was, crossing guys up, making Vince Carter cry, going full court with no breaks like an absolute psychopath. One of the true video game players of my generation. I am forever grateful that I got to watch him play up close for those 6 years, and man would I love to see him with this current Celtics group. Imagine that?

Anyway, it’s still early enough in the day where maybe your first hangover beer hasn’t kicked in yet, so I figured I’d share with you what my deep dive came up with


Big week for throwback Twitter videos if you ask me. You see this one of a 90s Grant Hill? Fucking nasty. We may have to look closer at this come Monday morning. Stay tuned.