Boxer Walks Out Of Ring And Leaves The Building As Soon As The Bell Rings To Signify The Start Of The Match

Wild turn of events during this Premier Boxing Championships card on Fox Sports 1 tonight, where a heavyweight bout between Efe Ajagba and Curtis Harper ending in a disqualification after Harper decided, “You know what? I actually don’t wanna fight this guy.”

I don’t know if he went into this fight with the mindset that he’d do this the entire time as some sort of public protest against PBC or something, decided on it this morning, or just made up his mind in the ring and decided to walk out spur-of-the-moment when he saw his oppoent, but man, I hope it’s the last one. The line on commentary, “He’s not fightin’ this guy!” cracked me up, because it was absolutely delivered in such a way that implied Ajagba was just so intimidating Harper ran, and what a god damn narrative that’d be. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd NOPE don’t want to get hit by that guy tonight! I’m out! Peace!

Have a bender-ish weekend, everybody.

h/t Nate Chivello