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Get A Load Of This Eighteen Year Old Kid Racing The Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

I don’t know much about racing but it’s always interested me. Mostly because I feel like racing is one of those sports that gets overlooked because people don’t consider it a sport. Which is crazy because most people would shit their pants if they had to ride shotgun in a race car, let alone drive one themselves. It takes brass balls to drive bumper to bumper at two-hundred miles per hour in an open cockpit. Not only that, it takes an incredible amount of skill. Think about how sensitive the steering becomes when you’re on the highway doing sixty? Now multiple that times three, add in weather, curves, and the fact that everyone around has a bad case of road rage. It’s terrifying. Look at this cockpit footage from the Belgian Grand Prix.

It’s real life Mario kart on steroids. The cars are so powerful that if you press the gas too quick you’ll stay in one spot because the tires will spin. And if you flip…you’re dead.

I’d like to sit here and say that I could get behind the wheel and dominate but I know I couldn’t. Which is what makes this story so crazy. Lando Norris has been driving (legally on the street) for a year. ONE year, and he’s already gearing up for his first Formula 1 race. He’ll win too. Why? Because he’s eighteen years old with nothing to lose. If he were to actually race he would ending the Brit’s 11 year Grand Prix drought too.

If my parents have gotten me into racing when I was younger I’d be just as dominate, but that ship has sailed. All I can do is sit here and admire. Best of luck to Landon.