White House Press Briefings Get The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Sooooooooooooooooooo good. The folks over at Bad Lip Reading never miss. They are batting 1.000 with their videos and they’ve been doing them for years now.. They’re the only people in the world who can make White House press briefings bearable. Have you watched one of those things when the people are saying the actual words? It’s BRUTAL. Nobody wants to be there. It’s shocking that Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t show up to the briefings drunk at this point. She’s got way bigger balls than President Trump. She goes out there every day and takes heavy fire from reporters who constantly get shit on by the President. Those people are pissed and she’s on the front lines. Sanders tries to make the insane sound sane. The fact that she hasn’t snapped yet is really the most impressive thing currently happening in the world.

As a matter of fact, everybody should show up drunk. Sarah Sanders and the entire press pool. Everybody just get wasted and see what kinda sound bytes we get outta that. Drinks all the way around. That’s what the people want and it’s the only way. That’d be way more fun. It still won’t be better than that Bad Lip Reading video but it’ll be better than what happens there on a daily basis.