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Intermittent Fasting Really Works: My Six-Day Journey From Fat to Fit


I’ve been doing this diet for about 6 days and the results that I’ve seen are out of the world. You wouldnt believe it if I showed you a picture, which I did. I mean, sure. Dieting is tough but when you are getting results like these, it makes it worth it. Here’s what I’m doing for my meals.

Meal 1: nothing. I don’t eat breakfast. I wake up, do a large piss, and have a glass of coffee that will grease the skids. Important to move the waste from your body. If you never poop, you will become septic. Just let it out. I know it’s embarrassing but you must do this.

Meal 2 at noon: a healthy bowl of chicken that I purchased from Costco. Did you know that you can get bags of pulled rotisserie chickens for fairly cheap? I add some mixed veggies and two eggs into a pan, some low-sodium soy sauce and a touch of an asian salad dressing and I have myself a delightful lunch.


(if you say that meal looks gross, I will block you on twitter and instagram. Im trying to eat healthy and dont need that shit in my life right now)

In between meal 2 and meal 3, I have some snacks. A low sugar, low carb protein bar and a cup of greek yogurt.

Meal 3: a nice, sensible dinner. Something like, oh I dunno, venison steaks, brussel sprouts baked with a kiss of a vinaigrette and fresh cracked pepper.

That’s it. Doing that for 6 days, I’ve dropped weight like you wouldnt believe. I am back in an XL and feeling spry.

Thank you for your support while I have this journey to health. I couldn’t have done it without you.