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The Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre Relationship Has Grown So Much That They Were Willingly Hanging Out During The Offseason At Favre's Home in Mississippi

This is just good for football all around. There was a time when these two HATED each other and wanted nothing to do with helping one another. They practically despised each other and would rather puke than utter the other’s name. The thought of these two hanging out willingly in person and shooting the shit without being held at gunpoint was pretty much impossible to imagine. It wasn’t until Rodgers matured and grew into more of a veteran leader that he realized where Favre was coming from. When you’re the top dog you don’t want to help people get better so that they can take your job. You get old and grumpy and just want to focus on less things, like winning and help the team be the best it can be at the current moment, not worrying about the future. It’s different for Rodgers than it was Favre because there is no Aaron Rodgers on the current team, but in a few years who knows.

Flashing back to this Rodgers interview from four years ago, it’s painfully awkward to hear 12 talk about Favre and how he pretty much learned from just watching Brett on the field.

Now they’ve actually developed a relationship and are hanging out. It’s very refreshing to hear and if there is a video coming out about their meet-up in Mississippi then I will clear my schedule to watch. That’s football porn.