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Dez Bryant is Unsigned. Dez Bryant Says Tom Brady is His Favorite Player Ever. Let's Connect the Dots.

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Being a capital-J Journo is not easy. It requires gathering facts, and following them to their logical conclusion. It’s relies upon cold, hard, analysis based on verifiable truths confirmed by multiple sources. And every once in a while, it requires wild speculation based on a simple statement buried among thousands of comments underneath grammatically incorrect Instagram posts.

Dez Bryant might not know his homonyms, but he knows tackle football. He knows how to dominate coverages. And he knows who his favorite player is. He didn’t have to data-mine his way through the vast layers of his Insta followers telling him to sign with their particular teams to declare his Tom Brady fanboyness. But he did. Real fact.

Sometimes in this business, you have to find the dots and connect them. The way the ancient Greeks looked up at the night sky, saw an unrelated pattern of stars and connected them to make bears, lions and guys shooting arrows.

Dot 1: Dez Bryant is still out of work.

Dot 2: Dez Bryant wants work.

Dot 3: Dez Bryant is looking for “realness”:

Dot 4: Dez Bryant just left the Factory of Sadness without a contract.

Dot 5: Dez Bryant declares his favorite player is Tom Brady.

Dot 6: Tom Brady’s team is desperately thin at wide receiver.

It doesn’t take much ancient Greek wine for me to draw lines between those dots and see a drawing of Bryant in a Patriots uniform. To be clear, this is not coming from sources or anything of the sort. This is just logic. It’s insane that on August 21st the leading receiver on a 9-win team is still unsigned. He’s probably priced himself out of a job so far. But he’s only 29. The Patriots have always been the Home For Veterans Looking to Reestablish Their Market Value. The Patriots have brought in two such wideouts, one of whom is already gone (Jordan Matthews) and the other has shown pizza paddle hands so far (Eric Decker). This is the perfect situation at precisely the right time for Bryant and the Patriots to take a flyer on one another. Maybe he grasps the offense or pulls the Full Ochocinco on them. But sign him to a one year contract with a minimal cap hit and tons of incentives that allows the player to cash in if he performs, but doesn’t tie up the team financially if he doesn’t and everybody has the chance to come out winners.

Dez Bryant’s favorite player ever is the GOAT. So is ours. Bring us all together for one year and make this happen. And if it does, you heard the wild, irresponsible speculation here first.