This Absolutely Bizarre Move By Coach Eric Taylor Is The Biggest Flaw In Season 2 Of Friday Night Lights

PFT is known to ask how are you getting ready for football on Sunday mornings? I’m a step ahead though as I’m rewatching Friday Night Lights and just finished season 2. Now, everyone who knows the show knows season 2 has so many weird aspects led by the Landry murdering Tyra’s rapist/stalker storyline. Throw in Santiago, Riggins living with the drug dealer and Lyla going uber-Christian it makes for a weird season full of flaws.

However, the biggest flaw comes from the man who is leading these guys. After Tim Riggins runs away from the drug dealer’s house and sleeps in his truck outside of the Taylor’s house, Coach brings him in and lets him live there. The scene I’m referencing is above.

It’s 5am. Tammy wakes up to noise and heads to the garage to see Eric and Riggins playing ping pong. Nothing too weird about that. Sometimes you can’t sleep and end up playing ping pong with your starting fullback. Now, here’s the flaw and one of the most bizarre moves I’ve ever seen.

As you can see, Eric is wearing a hat. He’s typically always wearing a hat. Nothing weird here again – yet. You may notice he’s not wearing pants. It’s 5am and he consciously put on his Dillon Panthers hat but refused to put pants on. That’s a WILD move. That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in this fake world of Friday Night Lights and that includes having high school kids hook up with a live-in nurse and the single mother in her late 20s across the street.

Maybe this should be more of a PSA that if you ever play ping pong at 5am, especially with someone you coach, put pants on first, hat on second.