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The Daily GOAT: Jon Stewart Rescues Animals Found On Subway Tracks

Yesterday two goats made a break for it on the D & N lines in Brooklyn & boy were they… hoofin‘ it? Eventually animal control tranquilized them & none other than The Daily Show’s former host Jon Stewart showed up to make sure they got to Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.

No one’s 100% sure where they came from but it’s likely the goats somehow escaped from nearby slaughterhouses. Every now & then I see on the news that one or two doomed farm animals have made a run for it in the city & as much as I love my pork roll, egg & cheese, I can’t help but hope they find a way to make it.

It’s not the first time animals have escaped, nor is it the first time they’ve made it onto the tracks in that borough. In 2013 two kittens held things up along the B & Q lines and unlike the goats, these two jammed up commutes so badly they even made it into the mayoral race between Joe Lhota & Bill DeBlasio.

With just about two months to go before that year’s election, the GOP nominee put his foot in his mouth by responding harshly to an incident in which two tiny kittens got caught on the tracks along the B and Q lines in Brooklyn.

He criticized the MTA, which he previously had headed, for stopping trains, saying that he would have let service go on, even if it killed the cats.

The comments sparked an embarrassing backlash, and Lhota eventually got just 24 percent of the vote against Bill de Blasio.

As for Jon Stewart’s part in stepping in, he & his wife have run a sanctuary for animals on their 45 acre farm in New Jersey since 2015. It’s run in partnership with Farm Sanctuary, “America’s leading farm animal protection organization”. The organization was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. I’ve been to the farm where these goats are headed & they’re in for a pretty sweet life. Whichever one of them had the idea to dip out is the GOAT.