New Facebook Page Bullying The "Fatties" Of California Is Causing An Uproar







(Source) If Facebook is like high school, then here we are: A page called “530 Fatties” based out of Yuba, California, has been taken down after its creators used the space to post photos fat-shaming obese people in the community. 530 stands for the county’s area code. A photo from a frozen yogurt establishment was posted to the page. The faces were later blurred out by CBS13 in Sacramento, but Kari Rae Lovell identified herself and her aunts in the photo when it appeared in “530 Fatties.”

“Wow I’m in this pic so is my aunts and u guys will be sued and the police will be after the creator of this page,” she posted in the photo’s comments. “This is 100% cyber bullying,” another commenter posted. The page was taken down at some point on Monday after CBS13 began investigating, but not before tons of photos were shared and saved.  Jessi Lynn Howell is another victim of the page’s shaming, and the 18-year-old tells CBS13 she’s “still mortified” after she found the following photo posted to the group:

To steal a bit from Louis CK here, the old “Of Course, But Maybe” thing.  Of course a facebook site that’s sole purpose is to make fun of fat people and shame them and make them feel like dirt is mean spirited and awful. Of course it is. BUT MAYBE, maybe, if you live in California, a warm weather climate where everyone cares about their looks, you should try to hit the gym or do a couple of sit ups in between your ice cream sandwich and french fries. Just a thought.  Because this is what California is. If you’ve ever been out there you know that people are obsessed with their bodies. They all work out and stay tanned and toned and ripped. That’s what people in California do. If you don’t like it, move to the Midwest where fat is accepted. I’m serious, if you’re fat in Chicago or Milwaukee or Cleveland or Detroit you’re just a regular person. There are no “fatties of the Midwest” facebook pages, that’s completely redundant, it’s just the Midwest. It’s cold 9 months of the year anyway, you can’t be fat in a sweatshirt, everyone knows that. But if you live in Cali and you can’t get your shit in order then yeah, you sort of deserve to end up being mocked. That’s just the culture you’ve accepted. There are plenty of places in America where being fat is totally normal and not openly mocked, California just isn’t one of them. If you don’t have a beach bod, get off the beach.








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