Aaron Judge Selfishly Decided To Go Out to Dinner, With a Fractured Wrist No Less!

You mean to tell me Aaron Judge….super star right fielder for the New York Yankees….went to dinner….with a fractured wrist? I mean goodness gracious this guy has to go. Can’t deal with players who choose eating over rehab. Can’t do it. It even looks like he’s with his lady and enjoying himself. I for one, am appalled. No wonder he’s not back with the team yet! He’s been going to dinner! Maybe they do this stuff on the Mets, but on the New York Yankees? Nope. George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave seeing this deleted tweet. How is Judge supposed to be a role model to kids, telling them to give it their all when all he’s doing is going to fancy dinners with his smokeshow girlfriend when his wrist, according to this twitter doctor, is in “perfect condition.”

You also mean to tell me this twitter doctor who voiced his opinion like that, was denied a picture and autograph? Aaron Judge is Hitler I guess? I’m sure this guy, judging from the above tweet, was super polite. Definitely. Judge was the extremely rude one here no doubt. For sure. Have to side with the twitter doctor. Forget literally every other person who has encountered Judge and said he was the nicest guy alive. That all goes to waste hearing this harrowing story. What a shame.

Some people are actually delusional. Judge is out to dinner with his girlfriend enjoying a nice, quiet meal and you want a picture and an autograph from the guy and interrupt his night? Come on dude, have some common sense for once. Yankees fans get a bad rap as it is, but this doesn’t help make matters worse. Get a grip dude. Leave #99 alone and let him get some alone time with the lady. Go to a game and take a picture with him and get his autograph. He takes all the time in the world for his fans before the game. It’s crazy how much time he sets aside for that. He’s the man. This twitter doctor is not.