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Zdeno Chara Is A Monster

I think it’s time we address the video Zdeno Chara put on his Instagram yesterday. The 41-year-old is working out in what looks to be a high school gym back in his home country of Slovakia. Chara is also looking absolutely shredded in this video. The guy is 41-years-old, when is he going to stop doing stuff like this?

I’ll tell you when, never. The guy is a legit monster. The fact he wins the pull-up contest every year for the Bruins should tell you enough about the guy.

In the video, Chara is seen squatting what looks like, I don’t know? Like 315 pounds? I’m not a gym guy so I can’t really tell. He doesn’t just finish after the squats though, like a mad man he starts jumping around and hurdling shit and doing all this crazy footwork stuff.

This week on Spittin’ Chiclets we talked a lot about extending players careers and how players are starting to do more plyometric stuff. Less weights, more bands and mobility. Players basically saying it is a must if you want to extend your career.

We have seen Chara post before about how he has been improving his mobility over the past few years. Yet here we are with Zdeno Chara still out here squatting like an Ox. Dude is a savage, but maybe the nicest savage on the planet.

Chara’s Instagram has been arguably the highlight of the summer for Bruins fans. Unreal captions, guy makes you want to run through a wall/hug someone. That right there is how to inspire people.

To listen to the talk of older players extending their career using light weights and more mobility, listen to this week’s episode of Spittin’ Chiclets featuring Tyson Jost and Blake Comeau.