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In An Incredible Display Of Unity, Men Across Turkey Protested Donald Trump By Smashing iPhones With Hammers

The average annual income in Turkey is 18 (eighteen) times less than that of the United States. The iPhone X costs more than what the average person living in Turkey makes in 4 months. Turkish people smashing iPhones to protest the United States is the equivalent of a very poor person breaking an expensive good sold to them by a rich person in order to protest the rich person. That’s literally exactly what happened.

As if the protests couldn’t get much stronger, a young lad decided to throw a jab at the beverage industry.

Ruthless! How will Coca-Cola ever recover from such a lethal attack from this Turkish child? With Turkey throwing all of these devastating shots toward America, I could honestly see the richest nation in the history of the world folding from this heat.