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I'll Concede This Eagles Troll Billboard Outside The Patriots Stadium Is A Decent Idea With Very Meh Execution

ICYMI: The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to become Super Bowl 52 Champions of Earth. Miss Gina, a die hard Eagles lady born and raised among the Massholess, decided to make a bet involving a troll billboard towards said Massholes. OK Gina. I hear ya. We all hear ya. You won the bet, and got the billboard up…for a PRESEASON game. I admire the effort, but NFL exhibition games are about as useless as tits on a bull or facts to a Portnoy. Put up the hate when it matters. Also, Patriots fans think #33 is a player for the Panthers? I mean, they’re not THAT mistaken. The 41-33 is very, very subtle. I’m not the sharpest crayon in the harbor, but it did take me awhile to realize Ronald Darby wasn’t MVP and how the hell Dion Lewis turned white. I get copyright infringements happen, but it still is what it is. It reminded me of George H.W. Bush trying to get back at Homer Simpson:

Keys to the perfect trolling: Ditch the confusing players, have only (a better version of) Jason Kelce in a dog mask, and not only leave it up all season but drop the image on leaflets from the sky like it’s freaking Dunkirk. That’s how you stay hungry and send the pack back into the wolves den for seconds.

Or simply keep playing the game on repeat. That’ll do just fine, too.