Action Bronson Got Arrested For *GASP* Smoking A Joint On Stage At A Festival

Complex- During his set at Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo this weekend, Action Bronson did what he always does during concertsinterviews, and other public appearances: He paused to light up a joint. The Kosovo police weren’t happy. After Bronson lit up the joint, took a few puffs, and flicked it into the crowd, he was reportedly arrested at the venue. The 34-year-old Queens rapper has been an outspoken advocate of marijuana for years. During a panel about the business of weed at ComplexCon 2016, Bronson told the crowd, “I’ve been high for 20 years. It got me through a lot of times. I’m an only child, so I’m very creative. I have to make things up in my life, like a friend here or there. Weed helps. It enhances everything with imagination in life and art and creation.”  

Imagine arresting someone for smoking weed. Yeah weed is technically illegal and the cops were just doing their jobs and blah blah blah blah. But come on now. Arresting someone for smoking weed at a music festival would be like arresting somebody for drinking coffee at a coffee shop. Weed was meant to be smoked at music festivals. Then imagine arresting Action Bronson for smoking weed at a music festival. He’s a performer! Let him do whatever he wants. The cops shouldn’t aim so low anyway. Arresting Action Bronson for weed is just too easy. That’s not real police work. That’s cheating and shouldn’t count. Any time you see Action Bronson, you could arrest him for smoking weed. He’s a walking marijuana plant. They might as well pop Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Seth Rogen while they’re at it. Arresting Action Bronson for smoking weed at a music festival is unAmerican despite weed’s current legal situation.

Shoutout to my pal Action. #IStandWithBronsolino